GOAT Bikes are powered by the lightest weight invisible electric bike drive system available called Vivax Assist.
The link below is from our other website where we have been installing the Vivax Assist into compatible bicycles since 2008.

How the Vivax Motor Works

A very light cylindrical-shaped motor, gearbox and free wheel unit slides down and is fixed inside the seat tube.
The bevel gear on the end of the motor protrudes inside the bottom bracket.
This bevel gear drives a gear fixed to the axle of a Shimano Hollow Tech II crank axle.
When the button is pressed on the handlebars it powers the motor, helping the rider to turn the cranks, making pedalling easier or faster.

There are 3 ways to turn off the motor when cycling -
1. Pressing the button a second time will switch off the motor.
2. Applying the brakes and stopping. Once the motor is displaced (stopped) it will automatically switch the power off to it. just press the button again to re-introduce the power.
3. The rider can create resistance against the motor by physically stopping the cranks from turning with their legs, this will also displace the motor.

We are the distributor and knowledge-base for the Vivax Assist Drive System in the UK with now over 9 years of experience.

Steve Punchard
01458 550304

Vivax Assist motor gear, engages with another gear which is attached to a HollowTech II bottom bracket.

Vivax Assist Motor which is fitted into the seat tube.

Vivax Assist Battery 6-AH

Vivax Assist Battery 9.3-AH

Black Water Bottle Battery. Also available in white and grey.

White Water Bottle Battery.

Grey Water Bottle Battery.

Under Saddle Bag Battery

On/Off Button on end of Handlebars

Cane Creek Suspension Seat Post
with Controller Installed inside
Vivax Assist Drive System